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Easter in Meran & environs

It is hard to believe, but when you come to Meran already in March, the promenades bloom, the palm trees have shaken off their winter dress and everything smells of apple blossoms and the locals go to work by bike and whit short sleeves shirts.

Everywhere you feel summer feelings. It is precisely this mix between the Mediterranean climate and the sunny lifestyle and the snow covered mountains high above Meran, which is the greatest attraction for Easter time: Latte Macchiato at the arcades, Speck and a glass of red wine in a romantic inn and in the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle a colourful bounty of different flowers, which bloom particularly beautiful.

Easter in Meran and environs in South Tyrol is a pure sensory experience: You will see not only the thriving hiking path along old irrigation channels or the nice promenades in the spa town, but you will smell also the fragrant flowers and feel the first warm sunbeams on your skin!

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