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Pharmacies in South Tyrol

All year long, you are looking forward to a couple of days with your family and far away from job and everyday life. But what happens?

Just arrived in your holiday destination, the little ones get an attack of fever and daddy’s back hurts a lot.

Why do we become ill in the holidays? The reasons why are obvious: stress and excitement about the journey, hours and hours of sitting in train, aeroplane or car and always air conditioning. The long sittings cause cramped muscles and the air conditioning colds.

But don’t panic! Better than go straight home, you should undertake a visit to a pharmacy and get help from professional pharmacists. Also on the weekend, the pharmacy service is guaranteed.

Which pharmacy is open on weekends?

It does not matter where you spend your holidays in South Tyrol, you will always find an open pharmacy near your place. In the newspaper you can get the information about which pharmacy is open. You can consult also this website (in German language only), by insert your holiday place and the date.

Sometimes neither pharmacists are able to help you, but they can give you information about doctors in service.

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