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Lost property office

Have you lost something and would like to have it back, or are you an honest finder and would like to give something back to its owner? The solution:!

Holidays are made to relax, to think about nothing and to regenerate. In fact, it is very likely that you forget about your rucksack, the wallet or keys, while skiing hiking or sightseeing.

Most of the times you do not remember where you have lost your things and when they are not personal documents with name and address, a finder has difficulties to return the item as well.

For this purpose, South Tyrol offers a very useful service: On the website: (in German and Italian language), you will have the possibility to get back your lost property. In the online inventory of the South Tyrolean municipalities everything is gathered what is delivered at the lost property offices in South Tyrol. The findings include mobile phones, photo cameras, keys, clothes and documents or as well household appliances or food and luxury food.

In order to retrieve lost items, visit the website and search your personal items filtering the objects according to regions, time and category.

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