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Car rental in South Tyrol

More and more holiday makers avoid possible traffic jams and travel by train, bus or aeroplane. A rental car is the perfect choice for everybody who does not come with his own car to South Tyrol and who would like to enjoy a high level of flexibility and independence anyway.

South Tyrol offers a well-established public transport network, that can be used even for free with the corresponding guest or advantage card. Therefore, many travellers spend their holiday without their own car. However, a rental car is perfect for being autonomous and flexible during your holidays.

Travelling South Tyrol with rental cars

If you would like to rent a car in South Tyrol, you can choose between international and local agencies. The biggest offer can be found in the capital Bozen, but other centres in South Tyrol have car rentals too. Find a list of agencies and addresses here:

Airport Bozen, Francesco Baracca Straße 1
39100 Bozen

Airport Bozen, Francesco Baracca Straße 1
39100 Bozen

Avis car rental
Galvanistraße 1f
39100 Bozen
Avis also rents cars in Brixen, Bruneck and Meran.

Bahnhofplatz 1
39100 Bozen

Auto Götsch
Reichstraße 78
39012 Meran-Sinich
Tel.: +39 0473 212219

Auto Hofer
Spitalwiese 21
39043 Klausen
Tel.: +39 0472 84795

Auto Kirchler
Pizachstraße. 27
39038 Innichen
Tel.: +39 0474 913276

Car rental Winkler Egon
Montal 33b
39030 St. Lorenzen/Bruneck
Tel.: +39 0474 403343

Wetha Karosserie
Gewerbegebiet 31
39028 Vetzan/Schlanders
Tel.: +39 0473 742061

Auto Pichler
Bahnhofstr. 2
39040 Tramin
Tel.: +39 0471 861131

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