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Autumn in South Tyrol

Refilling energies for the upcoming winter, raising the personal stock of sunlight and warmth or enjoying the last expeditions on the mountain peaks, including fantastic farsightedness in the fresh air…

Where can you do all this better than in South Tyrol? The landscape presents itself full of contrasts, the leaves become red or yellow and the first peaks are covered with snow. The sky is still dark blue, the temperature pleasantly warm and the air is so clear that from some mountains you will see the whole region.

But the autumn in South Tyrol offers even more than a beautiful landscape. In the valley Eisacktal the so called fifth seasons starts with the popular harvest tradition “Törggelen”: People spend a funny evening with family and friends, enjoy roasted chestnuts and typical autumnal meals like “Selchkarree” (kind of pork loin) or “Hauswurst” (home-made sausages) with sauerkraut – not to forget the most important thing: new wine of the season and must.

At the beginning of autumn, the cattle come back from the alpine meadows where it passed the summer month. Down in the valley, herdsmen and cows are welcomed with traditional feasts and processions.

Another important part of the autumn in South Tyrol are the regional markets: For instance, in Bruneck there takes the “Stegener Markt, the biggest market throughout Tyrol and in Glurns in Vinschgau you can visit the traditional “Sealamorkt”, a market on All Saints’ Day.

All in all you will see that South Tyrol in autumn doesn’t prepare itself to fall into a sort of hibernation, but it is full of energy and you will discover lots of new and unknown traditions and places!

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