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All Saint’s Day market in Glurns

The Green Pass is required for many events. Please inform yourself in advance about the admission conditions and observe the current rules.
All Saint’s Day in Glurns in Vinschgau is a very special holiday, because on 2nd November there takes place the traditional All Saint’s Day market.

It is one of the biggest markets in the Alps, and it annually attracts many visitors from near and far: guests from the provincial capital as well as Swiss friends, Italian tourists as well as many locals. 

Together they celebrate, dine and take a look at the manifold goods on the market stalls… And there is offered nearly all you can imagine. Even some sheep may be seen between the visitors, because there is also a big cattle market. 

Further information:
Organizer: Glurns Marketing
Street: Rathausplatz 1
Venue: I-39020 Glurns
Tel.: +39 0473 831 288
On: Tuesday 02. November 2021
Time: 08:00 o'clock
Town center - Glurns

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