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Using drones in South Tyrol

Drones are versatile and are getting more popular every year. An increasing number of persons is using drones – privately as well as commercially. Taking photos and filming with drones creating fascinating aerial shots is extremely popular. The more drones are on the way in the air, the bigger is the risk of collisions and accidents. Therefore, those who have drones must follow several rules.

The rules of the Regolamento Mezzi Aeri Pilotaggio Remoto by the civil Italian aviation authority ENAC (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile) are applied for the use of drones in South Tyrol. On the website of ENAC, you can find the Italian and English version of this quite complex regulation.

Stricter regulations for commercial activities

Depending on whether someone uses a drone for commercial purposes or only for private interests, there are two separate legal frameworks. In fact, this differentiation is important as a first step even if it is not always easy to make. In addition, the weight class of the drone must be considered. It is also important to follow general flight rules and other legal provisions for the use of foreign properties for take-off and landing.

Compliance with the regulations & consideration

If you would like to fly with a drone in South Tyrol, you should inform yourselves thoroughly. In fact, this helps to avoid penalties, but also to increase security and the consideration of other peoples’ privacy. Local residents or tourists, professional photographer or passionate blogger – it is always important to treat nature, people and animals in South Tyrol the best way possible in order that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Alpine and Mediterranean landscape to the fullest.

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