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Holidays in Dorf Tirol

Dorf Tirol near Meran attracts with many particularities: the unique beauty of the landscape all around, its cultural and historic importance and the vast range of activities and sports you can do between Mediterranean plants and mountains.

Furthermore, the area around the villages is full of lush fruit trees and vineyards, growing optimally due to the about 300 sunny days per year. 

You can make a pleasant walk around Dorf Tirol and explore the idyllic vineyards, go upwards with the cableway to see the “Muthöfe” – some of the highest mountain farms of the region, which still are cultivated, or do a challenging tour to the summits of the mountain group Texelgruppe. But also the cultural program includes some special offers. Due to the favourable position of Dorf Tirol you can easily and quickly visit the spa town Meran. 

Dorf Tirol’s history

In the past, Dorf Tirol was a quite important village, because the counts of Tyrol built here their parent house, which finally gave their name to the whole province. If you are interested in the history of this region, you should not miss Castle Tyrol with a special museum for cultural and country’s history.

Family holidays in Dorf Tirol

Making a stroll to the hills around Dorf Tirol, you maybe will see some known and unknown birds. No wonder, because there is a special care centre for ill birds and threatened species. Twice a day, there is an air show with eagles, buzzards, falcons, owls and other birds. Explore the thrilling world of these libertarian creatures!

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