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St. Josef am See

The small town of St. Josef am See is located on the western side of Kalterer See at a height of 214 meters above sea level in the tourist area of Southern South Tyrol.

True lovers of sailing, will have already heard of the so-called "Ora", the wind coming from Lake Garda in the spring and summer, that comes down to the shores of the lake and promises clear and warm days.

The town of St. Josef am See is a true paradise for lovers of water sports. Once arrived at the shores Lake Kaltern you can choose to take a dip in the pool or directly in the crystal waters of the lake.

By hiring a pedal boat or rowing a small boat, you can delve into the lake, sunbathe, enjoy the view and spend some time in one of the most beautiful natural elements: water! Surfers will be able to challenge themselves on the table between the sails and the instrumental surf school in the area. In winter, however, if the lake freezes over, you can skate on it with your children.

A natural paradise

All around St. Josef am See, extends a biotope, a natural protected area, which can be visited and explored following an educational nature trail on the south side of the lake. Along the trail 14 signs describe the animals in the area, the humid climate in which they live and how they interact with man and his presence.

In addition to admire the nature and sport activities there are also many cultural attractions and the opportunity to delight the palate.

Wine lovers can not fail to be amazed by the large amount of vineyards that cover the area. Along the famous Wine Route, you can visit the most beautiful wineries and taste the good wines of South Tyrol!

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