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Holidays in Auer

If you like the area around the provincial capital Bozen, its sunny location and gentle temperatures, you will surely appreciate the nice village Auer, too.

Auer is located on 250 m above sea level – here you can breathe in typical Mediterranean air. So it isn't a big surprise to see here palms, lemon and fig trees growing.

The region is well-known due to its vineyards. Because of the favourable climate, vine is growing well, the produced wine is exquisite and by now, it is internationally renowned. In the vicinity of Auer there are several first-rate wine cellars, where you can taste some of the best South Tyrolean wines. In addition, in summer and autumn, there take place may events dedicated to our good wines – for example the South Tyrolean Wine Road Weeks.

A tip for nature lovers: Make a detour to Castelfeder, a small village above Auer and explore the local biotope during an unhurried walk.

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