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Holidays in Aldein

Aldein in the holiday region Southern South Tyrol is a special place – in many ways. Here, people set a high value on constant values, old traditions and sustainable architecture and tourism to name just a few particularities.

In and around Aldein nature lovers will find all what they miss out living in a city including neat alpine meadows, dense forests, mighty mountains, a magnificent panorama and the sympathy of the local people with their nice dialect. Sometimes, clocks in Aldein even seem to run slightly slower.

The vicinity of Aldein is an interesting terrain also for hobby geologists, because here they can find the famous Bletterbach gorge, which is considered to be the “small Grand Canyon” of South Tyrol. There you will learn more about rock formation and history of earth and maybe you find some fossils dating back to ancient times or even some dinosaur tracks!

Apart from this natural monument, there are also some art works made by human hand, among them for example the church St. Jakobus in Aldein, the Gothic church St. Wolfgang in the nearby village Radein or the chapel Maria Schnee im Tale. Worth seeing are also the village museum exhibiting rural and sacral art, the restored mills in the valley, the mysterious witches’ stone and the famous pilgrimage church Maria Weißenstein.

Last but not least also active vacationers and sportsmen will get their money’s worth in Aldein: All around, they will find countless biking and hiking trails, among the most popular excursion destinations are the mountains Jochgrimm, Weißhorn and Schwarzhorn. Golfers can exercise on the golf course in Petersberg.

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