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19. October 2023

Romantic places for lovers

Shining rocks in the sunset. View of a sparkling blue lake or the beautiful mountains. A cosy place between forest and meadows... If everything around fits together, it doesn't take much more to create a romantic atmosphere. We found a few special places in South Tyrol. Dreamy, fairytale-like, idyllic spots on earth, perfect for enjoying the time with your loved one to the fullest.

View of Lake Fennberg
View of Lake Fennberg

The lake on Mt. Fennberg near Margreid on the wine route is protected as a biotope and is a popular destination for excursions.

Tourismusverein Südtiroler Unterland - Albert Ceolan
St. Johann in Villnöss
St. Johann in Villnöss

The Ranui church was dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk.

Frank Fischbach /

Lake Fennberger, Margreit​

Pure natural romance: Fennberg in the South Tyrolean lowlands is a world of its own – with ancient farms, sequoia trees, a biotope and a wonderful lake.

St. Johann in Ranui, Funes

In the middle of the Ranui meadows there is a picturesque little church that fits wonderfully into the impressive mountain landscape. The baroque church was built in 1744 and is dedicated to St. Johann of Neopmuk. The view to the Geisler peaks from here is unique – and twice as beautiful if you are two.

Lake Karersee
Lake Karersee

Hiking at Lake Karersee at the foot of Latemar massif

Eggental Tourismus - Helmuth Rier
Knottenkino in Vöran
Knottenkino in Vöran

An open-air cinema offering a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.

Tourismusverein Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000/Stephan Matzoll

Knottnkino, Hafling​

This is a very special open-air cinema, with a magnificent view of Meran and the surrounding peaks. Especially romantic when the sun rises or sets.

Carezza, Nova Levante

Trees and mountain peaks are reflected in the deep green water: It is hardly surprising that there are numerous legends surrounding the enchanted Carezza Lake in Eggental.

Lookout mountain Dürrenstein
Lookout mountain Dürrenstein

The Dürrenstein near Prags is accessible from the Prato Piazza.

Günther Kamelger
Strudelkopf summit
Strudelkopf summit

A breathtaking view of the Tofane, Monte Cristallo and the Three Peaks as well as the rest of the Dolomites awaits you at the summit.

IDM Südtirol/Manuel Kottersteger

Dürrenstein, Prags​

The Dürrenstein is one of the best panoramic mountains in the Dolomites. You can see the well-known peaks such as: Neuner, Zehner, Senneser Karspitz, Seekofl, Three Peaks and the peaks of the Haunold Group. Anyone who dares to make the two-hour climb early in the morning will be rewarded with an extraordinary sunrise (the sun appears directly at the Three Peaks - as in the photo - in mid-December).

Strudelkopf, Prags

Next to it, but a little lower and easier to reach, is the Strudelkopf. Here, too, you can linger and let your gaze wander and together enjoy the fantastic view.

The Gilf Promenade
The Gilf Promenade

Gilf promenade for his poetic journey and subtropical plants, is one of the most romantic walks of Merano.

Internet Consulting - Patrick Kammerlander
Lake Toblach
Lake Toblach

Also in the evening, Lake Toblach is perfect to be visited.

IDM Südtirol - Harald Wisthaler

Gilf promenade, Meran

Would you like to take a walk in Meran? The Gilf promenade leads out of the wildly romantic Gilf Gorge –  accompanied by the rushing Passer. Surrounded by exotic and Mediterranean vegetation. Flanked by inviting benches decorated with verses.

Lake Toblach, Toblach

Explore the nature trail. Take a boat trip as a couple. Enjoy the wonderful view at dusk... Lake Toblach invites you to linger at any time of day.

St. Kathrein Church, Hafling

The legendary mountain church is located on a hill near Hafling. The place was already known as a place of power in prehistoric times.

Lake Prags, Prags

Admittedly, this lake is no longer an insider tip for lovers. But Lake Prags is simply too beautiful for us to leave it out here. It's best to visit the lake far away from the big holiday periods – and wake up your loved one early in the morning for a special trip...

Text: Steffi

We are a colourful mix of nature-loving, adventurous and creative editors. All based in South Tyrol, we share the love of writing and photography, the mountains and culture. Our passion is to constantly discover new stories about the land and its people, about identity and tradition, about South Tyrol's quiet places and thousand faces. With our texts and pictures, we want to show you the beauty of this contrasting region and arise your curiosity. But above all, we want one thing: to inspire you to travel.

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