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Farm taverns in South Tyrol

The South Tyrolean farms are the preservers of the traditions, but not only. They keep also the traditional cuisine alive.

We present you the best and most original farm bars in South Tyrol. Originality and high quality where the two main criteria for the following selection. Ordered per region, gourmets can find out where to taste South Tyrolean cuisine and real farm atmosphere.

Farm taverns in South Tyrol


  • Seppila in Taisten
  • Maso Runch in Abtei
  • Eggerhöfe in Antholz


  • Pretzhof in Wiesen/Pfitsch
  • Hubenbauer in Vahrn
  • Putzerhof in Lajen

Bozen and environs

  • Föhrner in Bozen
  • Ebnicherhof in Ritten

Meran and environs

  • Schnalshuberhof in Algund
  • Falschauerhof in Ulten


  • Schgumshof in Laas
  • Tendershof in Graun im Vinschgau

Tauferer Ahrntal

  • Kofler zwischen den Wänden in Ahornach
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