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Typical South Tyrolean dishes & products

For a better understanding of the menus in South Tyrol, we give you a translation of the most typical dishes and products that you can find on the menus of local restaurants, huts and farm taverns.

Gerstesuppe / Barley soup
Gerstesuppe / Barley soup

The barley soup or Gerstesuppe, as it is called in South Tyrol is a dish that never fails in the menu in the fall and winter.

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  • Äpflkaichlan: apple slices covered with a pastry made of milk and eggs, fried in boiling oil
  • Bockans: goat roast
  • Buchteln: raised pastry filled with jam, baked in the oven and served with vanilla sauce
  • Gerschtnsuppe: barley soup with smoked meat, potatoes and vegetables
  • Grantn: cowberries
  • Graukas: low-fat cheese, e.g. “Ahrntaler Graukäse” cheese, which is particularly aromatic
  • Gselchtis: salted and smoked meat, mainly pork
  • Kaminwurzn: a kind of smoked sausages
  • Keschtn: chestnuts
  • Krapflan: sweets fried in hot oil filled with different types of jam
Grapes and donuts
Grapes and donuts

Grapes and donuts

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  • Marillnknedl: sweet dumplings with apricots, served as a dessert
  • Muas/muis: a sort of porridge made of milk, flour and butter, stirred in a pan
  • Niggilan: small sweet dumplings with no filling
  • Nuier: new wine
  • Ribisl: currants
  • Rohne: beetroot
  • Schüttelbrot: crispy, hard and thin flatbread
  • Schworzplentinaknedl: dumplings with buckwheat flour
  • Selchkaree: cured pork
  • South Tyroelan speck: mild smoked and air-dried raw ham with herb crust
  • Strauben: spirally fried batter served with icing sugar and served with cranberry jam
  • Topfen: quark, curd

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Schlutzkrapfen and Knödel
Schlutzkrapfen and Knödel

South Tyrolean specialities: spinach ravioli with melted butter and dumplings!

© Berggasthaus Plörr

At the inns, restaurants and mountain huts in Partschins and environs, you can enjoy typical South Tyrolean dishes and traditional desserts.

© Helmuth Rier - TV Partschins
Dumplings with apricots
Dumplings with apricots

The best sweety dumplings are with apricots.

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Grapes and donuts
Grapes and donuts

Grapes and donuts

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