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Asparagus from Terlan & Asparagus restaurants

Asparagus from Terlan and "Bozner Sauce" – a Sout Tyrolean classic, garnished with ham boiled potatoes. Simply delicious!

The fresh asparagus plays the main role in this traditional dish, and the sauce adds that special South Tyrolean touch. But the fine aroma of asparagus, which thrives particularly well in Terlan, Vilpian and Siebeneich, provides exceptional culinary delights not only in this classic combination. Those who love asparagus, will surely like to try out asparagus dishes in all variations.

The delicious taste of the freshly cut Terlan asparagus, which bears the brand name "Margarete", harmonizes very well with veal or fish, for example. But the low-calorie and healthy asparagus also tastes great as soup or salad, on pizza or as a ravioli filling. As part of the Terlan Asparagus Season in spring, the restaurants in and around Terlan will show how creatively this special spring vegetable can be used in the kitchen. In addition, guests will enjoy delicious wine from South Tyrol: A Sauvignon from the Terlan Winery goes perfectly with asparagus dishes. 

Asparagus restaurants:

  • Restaurant Patauner in Siebeneich
    Reservations at +39 0471 918 502
  • Restaurant Oberspeiser in Terlan
    Reservations at +39 0471 257 150
  • Restaurant Oberhauser in Terlan
    Reservations at +39 0471 257 121
  • Hotel Restaurant Weingarten in Terlan
    Reservations at +39 0471 257 174
  • Hotel Restaurant Sparerhof in Vilpian
    Reservations at +39 0471 678 671
  • Restaurant Pizzeria Egger in Terlan
    Reservations at +39 340 836 1950
  • Restaurant Zum Hirschen in Vilpian
    Reservations at +39 0471 678 533

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Asparagus risotto
Asparagus risotto

Asparagus with tips of the green asparagus

© user11694906
Asparagus strudel
Asparagus strudel

Thsi delicacy is frequently served during the popular asparagus period in spring.

© Tourismusverein Nals - Andreas Marini
Asparagus soup
Asparagus soup

A creamy asparagus soup is the ideal first course for a delicious spring menu.

© Fotolia - Photocrew
Asparagus with sauce hollandaise
Asparagus with sauce hollandaise

In spring, numerous restaurants in South Tyrol serve fresh asparagus dishes.

© Fotolia - Corinna Gissemann
Regional pleasures
Regional pleasures

Frittata with asparagus and zucchini

© Comugnero Silvana /

Asparagus at the market

© Pixabay

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