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Holidays in Taufers im Münstertal

The small village Taufers im Münstertal is an ideal place for an unhurried holiday – in twos or with the whole family. Here you will surely forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while, because the rural idyll in Vinschgau is completely the opposite of hectic city life.

In Taufers im Münstertal you can relax without any stress, without being disturbed, enjoying a wonderful natural and cultural landscape: blooming apple trees in the valley, mountain pastures on the hillsides and snow covered mountain summits high above. So it obvious that there are countless hiking trails all around, long and short ones, as well as easy and more challenging ones.

The whole year round the village is a rewarding holiday destination. In winter, there are the popular skiing regions Watles, Trafoi and Haideralm, as well as an ice skating rink, cross-country ski trails and winter hiking paths. The rest of the year, you can walk and hike through the whole Vinschgau.

Finally, also lovers of art and culture get their money’s worth. The most important sights of Taufers im Münstertal are the Romanesque church St. Johann, dating back to the 9th century, and the church St. Michael with the parish museum, as well as Rotund Castle and the castle ruin Reichenberg. Those, who can’t get enough, make a trip to the neighbouring country Switzerland to visit the famous Romanesque monastery Müstair, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage; or to the Churburg Castle in Schluderns, where you can see the largest collection of knight’s armours in Europe.

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