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Laas – The village with the “white gold”

Nearly everybody knows the marble of Laas, which is well-known far beyond the borders of the region.

The municipality of Laas and its parts Eyrs, Allitz, Tschengls, Tanas, Tarnell and Parnetz are located in the middle of the Vinschgau. Since many years there are several marble quarries, where the precious stones are mined and sold throughout the world for buildings and artworks.

Also in the village itself marble is omnipresent: in the parish church, in many houses, in stately houses and castles in the neighbourhood, even on the streets and squares. The local school for stonecutters ensures that this fine art will not fall into oblivion.

Not only marble

For its guests Laas offers even more than some white stones. For instance, you should absolutely visit the “Kandlwaal”, a historical aqueduct from whom some parts are still visible today. Moreover, Laas and all hamlets have numerous churches and chapels.

The village of Laas also has a good reputation for its excellent agricultural products, such as apples, apricots and sauerkraut. Every year, there are culinary events such as Marble & Apricots and the Cabbage Weeks.

Come and find out the numerous possibilities waiting for you in the wonderful natural landscape of the Vinschgau.

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