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South Tyrolean knight’s tournament

Where: Churburg Castle, Schluderns
Region: Vinschgau

The South Tyrolean knight’s tournaments are a revival of medieval times. This special event takes place in August in the Churburg Castle near Schluderns.

The medieval tournaments in Schluderns are a thrilling but also instructive experience for the whole family, because everybody will learn more about medieval life and customs.

For instance, you may see fighting knights, jugglers, medieval musicians and you can taste also specialties prepared according to ancient recipes. 

Program of the South Tyrolean knight’s tournaments includes amongst other things:

  • exciting knight’s tournaments and battle scenes, 
  • medieval games for the Churburg trophy,
  • chariot races and fire shows, 
  • flight performances with falcons, 
  • for kids: pony and camel trekking, archery, children’s horse show, petting zoo, storyteller…, 
  • different procession,
  • medieval markets and much more!

Further information: 

Club "Südtiroler Ritterspiele"
Phone: +39 0473 831 190

South Tyrolean knight’s tournament
Family Family
Culture Culture
Entertainment Entertainment
23/08/2019 - 25/08/2019
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