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Typical South Tyrolean dishes

How to decipher South Tyrolean menus: For a better understanding of the menus in South Tyrol, we give you a translation of the most typical dishes.

"Gselchtis" and "Krapflan": Do you know what these names mean? In this glossary you will find some important translations.

Glossary of typical dishes

  • Bockans: roast mutton
  • Grantn: montain cranberries
  • Graukas: it is an alpine pasture cheese
  • Gselchtis: smoked beef
  • Kaminwurzn: kind of smoked sausages
  • Keschtn: chestnuts
  • Krapflan: cakes cooked in hot oil filled with different types of jam
  • Marillnknedl: sweet dumplings with apricots, served as dessert
  • Nuier: new wine
  • Schworzplentinaknedl: dumplings with buckweath-flour
  • Selchkaree: smoked rips from pork
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