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Terlan: kingdom of asparagus & restaurants

Asparagus from Terlan and “Bozner Sauce” – a classic version, garnished with ham and boiled potatoes. Simply delicious!

Fresh asparagus is the main flavour carrier, the other components guarantee the necessary calories transforming the dish into a real main course. If you know the classic version of asparagus, you will miss the best: South Tyrolean asparagus and particularly the asparagus from Terlan is one of the most exquisite varieties of asparagus.

The taste of asparagus from Terlan is unique and develops a very special aroma, mainly if used in combination with equally exquisite products such as lettuce, crabs, veal or packed into delicious ravioli. How creative one can be handling asparagus is displayed by the typical asparagus restaurants in and around Terlan.

Asparagus restaurants:

  • Restaurant Patauner in Siebeneich (reservations: +39 0471 918 502)
  • Restaurant Oberspeiser in Terlan (reservations: +39 0471 257 150)
  • Restaurant Oberhauser in Terlan (reservations: +39 0471 257 121)
  • Restaurant Schützenwirt in Terlan (reservations: +39 0471 257 146)
  • Hotel-Restaurant Weingarten in Terlan (reservations: +39 0471 257 174)
  • Hotel Restaurant Sparerhof in Vilpian (reservations: +39 0471 678 671)
  • Restaurant Waldinger in Vilpian (reservations: +39 0471 678 956)

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Asparagus risotto
Asparagus risotto

Asparagus with tips of the green asparagus

© user11694906
Asparagus soup
Asparagus soup

A creamy asparagus soup is the ideal first course for a delicious spring menu.

© Fotolia - Photocrew
Asparagus with sauce hollandaise
Asparagus with sauce hollandaise

In spring, numerous restaurants in South Tyrol serve fresh asparagus dishes.

© Fotolia - Corinna Gissemann

Asparagus at the market

© Pixabay

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