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Romantic proposals in South Tyrol

Are you in love and would you like to marry your partner? This is time for the most beautiful question.

Of course, a marriage proposal should not be made casually, as a romantic place and the right moment will make sure that your proposal is going to be an unforgettable experience.

A common holiday in South Tyrol is ideal for a marriage proposal. The problems of everyday life seem remote. Its is time for regeneration and for enjoying some time together. As well., South Tyrol has several spectacular places that are perfect for this romantic moment.

9 ideas for an unforgettable proposal in South Tyrol:

1. At sunrise or sunset
Sunrise or sunset in the South Tyrolean mountains is breath-takingly beautiful. Athletic couples can make a wonderful hike in order to experience the romantic moment on the summit on a viewing platform. In your rucksack there should be, in addition to a bottle of prosecco and an engagement ring, good headlights for the ascent and descent. This experience can also be combined with a romantic night in a mountain hut. Those who are a little bit less athletic can drive to the viewpoint by car or use the lifts.

2. At the lake
South Tyrol has many natural lakes that will for sure impress your beloved or your most loved one. It will absolutely get romantic, when you rent a boat, paddle to the middle of the lake and open up the small box with the ring. We particularly recommend Lake Prags, Lake Reschen or Lake Kaltern.

3. During a horse-drawn sleigh ride
A few holiday resorts, such as Seiser Alm, offer horse-drawn sleigh rides across the romantic winter landscape A sleigh ride on flowering meadows in summer is wonderful too and can perfectly be combined with a pick nick.

4. In a romantic hotel or restaurant
A proposal during a candle light dinner is a classic as the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. South Tyrol has excellent restaurants, romantic hotels and castle hotels that ensure the perfect ambiance.

5. In the middle of nature
If your future husband or wife loves nature or beautiful gardens, you will be spoilt for choice in South Tyrol. For instance, the Knottnkino guarantees wonderful views. In the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, you are offered a colourful sea of blossoms and romantic places. The garden of Kränzel winery offers a labyrinth, sculptures and a magical atmosphere.

6. Paragliding or rafting
Some couples love adventures and do not really like red roses and candle light. This aspect should play an important role also for the marriage proposal. How about a proposal in lofty heights when paragliding or during a rafting tour? Thumping hearts are sure for both variants!

7. Like a fairy tale
South Tyrol is the region of castles. Many enchanted ruins and impressive castles are decorating the landscape. They are the perfect scenery for a wedding proposal with a high level of romance.

8. In the cable car
What does not seem very exciting initially, is a real insider tip: the proposal in a gondola lift. Some ski and hiking areas in South Tyrol offer particularly beautiful gondolas that are available for rent, such as the exclusive VIP gondola at Mt. Kronplatz. Also, there will be appetisers, prosecco and a magnificent view.

9. In the moonlight
A walk or a pick nick under the starry sky is perfect for a romantic and very private proposal in South Tyrol. In winter, you can experience a moonlight hike with torches and be enchanted by the sparkling snow.

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