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Rules of conduct in South Tyrol

Raised eyebrows, smirking, fit of laughter. You mean it well and you try to do it like South Tyroleans do.

But sometimes the step to drop a brick is small. Don’t worry: we give you some tips with which you surely will not be embarrassed in a restaurant for instance.

Cappuccino x 2

You know you are in Italy, even if nearly everyone is speaking German. So you have to spell Italian words like Italians do: so don’t say at any time 2 or more “cappuccinos” but only 2 or more “cappuccino”. Another important rule is to don’t drink Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato after meal: as digestive you have to drink café macchiato or espresso.

Forks for spaghetti

The trick is to take a small part of the spaghetti on the border of the dish and to roll this part of spaghetti without the others. If you want you can make use of a spoon, too. But use under no circumstances a knife!

No ketchup

South Tyrol is a region of high cuisine. Because of that, please don’t ask for ketchup if you order venison dishes or precious fish. Putting ketchup on chips and Viennese Schnitzel is however okay.

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