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„ahrntal natur“

At Saturday a stay at in the Kasselerhütte Refuge and at Sunday a hike to Mount Magerstein and down to the Rieserfernerhütte Refuge. Here and there we look forward to typical and original dishes from South Tyrol.

In Tauferer Ahrntal Valley there is no place where you don’t eat fine and since the agency "ahrntal natur" was founded, the quality of the natural products is proofed.

"ahrntal natur" is looking at the nature. Nature is the capital of this new, innovative agency. They get vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs and cheese directly from the farms and bring everything to the partner-shops in whole South Tyrol.

Cheese, sugar beet molasses, eggs and poultry, meat, potatoes and herbs are among the "ahrntal natur"products. They come from some of the 912 farms and 183 farmed mountain pastures.

The products can be purchased online or in stores of "Pur Südtirol". 

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