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Reinbach waterfalls

The Rein or Reinbach waterfalls in Tauferer Ahrntal are formed of Reinbach river, a left inflow of Ahr river. The spectacular waterfalls are a popular destination for excursions and can be reached on a path with stairs.

Between Sand in Taufers and Rein in Taufers, in Tauferer Ahrntal holiday region, there are three breath-taking waterfalls. The upper and the middle Reinbach waterfall are about 50 m high, the lower waterfall 10-15 m. Also, it is interesting that the impressive rock head in the lower area is called “Head of Christ” due to its nature. The upper part – in contrast to the other parts – has not evolved naturally, but from a drainage of Reinbach river in order to produce electricity.

Worth-seeing nature spectacle & contemplative trail

The waterfalls can be visited walking on a hiking path in upward or downward direction. Along the path, visitors can also see the stations of Franziskus Path, a contemplative trail that starts on the parking lot in Winkl near Sand in Taufers and end at the chapel above Tobel gorge.

Particularly beautiful is the track with the bridge bringing visitors to the other side of the valley, offering a wonderful view of the localities Kematen and Mühlen in Taufers. All in all, the hike is easy and recommended during the warm months and has a difference in altitude of 300 m.

For adrenaline junkies

Those who are particularly courageous, can make a kayak tour descending the waterfalls. The track is about 1-2 km long and is characterised by rapid white water with steep declines and technically challenging passages. In fact, you should inspect the track very carefully.

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Reinbach waterfalls
Reinbach waterfalls

Enchanting nature spectacle in Tauferer Ahrntal

© TVB Tauferer Ahrntal - Alfred Stolzlechner
Reinbach waterfalls
Reinbach waterfalls

The Reinbach waterfalls near Sand in Taufers are a real nature spectacle. Along the watercourse, there is an easy hiking and contemplative trail.

© Toursimusverein Tauferer Ahrntal
Rein Waterfalls
Rein Waterfalls

The Reinbach river has three wonderful waterfalls in a gorge near Sand in Taufers.

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