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Waterfalls in Barbian

Over Barbian and Waidbruck, in Eisacktal, there are a series of waterfalls that are very beautiful and the ideal destination for a quiet family ride or a refreshing afternoon during summer.

The waterfalls are formed by the stream Ganderbach, that born at an altitude of 2000 meters and descends to the valley with eight falls steps from a rock of 200 m. The rocks are composed of quartz porphyry, a volcanic rock formed over 300 million years ago.

The best time to observe the falls is when the amount of water is abundant, and then, or immediately after heavy rainfall or after the thaw in April-May. In summer, the amount of water is much lower, partly due to the fact that the water of the falls is used to irrigate the surrounding fields.

The waterfalls are three: the upper waterfall, the middle and lower ones. The first is located at 1214 meters and with a jump of 45 meters offers a beautiful spectacle for the eyes and ears! You will be amazed by the sound of water crashing into rocks on the ground. The middle one includes several waterfalls smaller than the others, but beautiful. The last waterfall, the lower one, offers a splendid jump of 85 meters and is among the best known and most popular waterfalls in South Tyrol.

The climate around the waterfalls has the quality to be particularly healthy, thanks to the presence of oxygen ions in the air. The oxygen ions also have calming effects on the autonomic nervous system and circulation and generally have a stimulating effect on the entire body. The area of waterfalls promotes the exchange of gases in the lungs and is a specific treatment for allergy sufferers.

How to reach the waterfalls

Near Barbian, a car parking is the starting point for a marked path that leads to the falls. You can follow the route to the Upper Waterfalls (Oberer Barbianer Wasserfall) and once you get here, go down the path to see the other two. This trail takes about 2 hours. The path does not require great physical condition, but in some places it is pretty exposed, so be careful.

Those who do not want to walk, you can also go only to the first waterfall, the Lower Falls, just follow the signs.

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Waterfall in Barbian
Waterfall in Barbian

Gander river starts on Ritten and flows down into a steep waterfall near Barbian.

© Tourismusgenossenschaft Klausen, Barbian, Feldthurns, Villanders - Wolfgang Gafriller
Waterfall in Barbian
Waterfall in Barbian

Famous excursion destination in Barbian in Eisacktal

© Tourismusgenossenschaft Klausen, Barbian, Feldthurns, Villanders

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