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Herbal Restaurant Arcana

Dumplings made with wild herbs or exquisite pasta dishes, creamy risotti or traditional South Tyrolean Krapfen? The Herbal Restaurant Arcana combines Mediterranean and local delicacies creating delicacies of everything provided by nature.

Wisdom & Tradition. The Alpine meadows are just like pharmacies, as already said physician and alchemist Paracelsus in the 16th century. He extracted the essence – the so-called “arcanum” – from all kinds of herbs and plants. He affirmed that harmony between humans and nature is only possible, when we go along with the interplay – best via varied herbs coming from nature.

The Herbal Restaurant Arcana in Ahornach, a hamlet above Sand in Taufers, also focusses on this attitude. The kitchen team gives high importance to transform the messages of nature into culinary delights, relying on mainly traditional recipes and to the culinary skills of our ancestors.

Further information:

Herbal Restaurant Arcana at Naturhotel Moosmair
Ahornach 44 – I-39032 Sand in Taufers
Tel.: +39 0474 678 046

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