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Cooking tips

Bacon dumplings with cabbage, pumpkin gnocchi with leek and speck... South Tyrol’s cuisine tastes.

Whoever wants to cook like South Tyroleans do, should follow a few important rules and have some musts in their kitchen.

Your checklist

  • Spices: pepper, marjoram, oregano and cumin are part of every South Tyrolean cuisine. Thyme is also used very often. For example, mixed with oregano for seasoning a pizza
  • Speck: best you buy original farmer's bacon. You can order the Speck on the internet. Speck is used for example for the dumplings, for wrapping the pork medallions or for preparing a simple, typical snack.
  • Rye flour: Schlutzkrapfen, ravioli or Tirschtlan are both made with rye- and wheat flour.
  • Potatoes: potatoes are a must in every South Tyrolean cuisine. Together with the barley they are the basics of the barley soup and they are widely used as a side dish. The potatoes are the main components of Greaschtl and Herrengreaschtl, classically prepared with meat and bay leaf in a pan or more exotic as vegetarian dish with peppers, zucchini, leeks and carrots.
  • Wine: the wine is not only for drinking but is also excellent for cooking. For example to refine a risotto or to deglaze roast meat or vegetables. A Gewürztraminer, for example, is always well-received.
  • Bread "Schüttelbrot": Do you know the flattened, hard bread, which is determined often served before a meal or when you have a typical snack? It is the Schüttelbrot. South Tyroleans really always have it at home. It tastes fabulous with a variety of spreads, with ham, bacon, salami or cheese.

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