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Ice skating rinks in South Tyrol

Be it with dreamlike panoramas of the Dolomites or in the middle of the centre of an Alpine village – the entire South Tyrol offers beautiful ice-rinks for small and big ice skaters, hockey players and curlers.

Whizzing over the ice under an impressive blue sky or improving your skills in Bavarian curling: Winter sports on the ice is fun for both kids and adults. And if you do not own ice skates yourself, you can rent them at many ice-skating rinks in South Tyrol.

Most ice-skating rinks are located either in the village centre or in the local outdoor recreational area: Below, you will find a selection of ice-skating rinks ordered by region. Other ice-skating possibilities are possible on frozen lakes such as Lake Sompunt in La Villa in Alta Badia holiday region and ice stadiums such as the one in Toblach. In fact, ice skaters will find their suitable ice-skating rinks next to their South Tyrolean holiday resort for sure.

Ice rinks around Kronplatz:

  • Ice-rink in Reischach
  • Artificial ice rink Prenninger Park, Welsberg
  • Ice rink in Unterwielenbach, Percha
  • Ice rink in St. Georgen
  • Ice rink in Gais
  • Ice rink in Pfalzen
  • Ice rink in Terenten
  • Natural ice rink in St. Vigil in Enneberg
  • Natural ice rink Lungiarü, St. Martin in Thurn
  • Olang: Ice rinks in Niederolang, in Mitterolang, in Oberolang and in Geiselsberg (Gassl)
  • Gsies: ice rinks in Pichl and in St. Martin

Ice rinks in Tauferer Ahrntal:

  • Ice rink in Sand in Taufers
  • Ice rink in Luttach
  • Natural ice rink Mühlen in Taufers
  • Natural ice rink Mühlwald
  • Natural ice rink Weißenbach
  • Natural ice rink Prettau
  • Natural ice rink Kasern/Prettau

Ice rinks in Hochpustertal/3 Zinnen Dolomites:

  • Ice rink in Niederdorf

Ice rinks in Gröden:

  • Ice rink Center Iman, St. Christina
  • Ice rink Setil, St. Ulrich
  • Natural ice rink Panider Sattel

Ice rinks on Seiser Alm:

Ice rinks in Eisacktal:

Around Sterzing

  • Ice rink at city square in Sterzing
  • Freienfeld: natural ice rinks in Mals and Stilfes
  • Ratschings: Natural ice rinks in Gasteig, Innerratschings, Mareit and Stange
  • Ice rink in Gossensass
  • Skating rink in Wiesen/Pfitsch

Around Brixen

  • Natural ice rink St. Andrä
  • Natural ice rink Afers/Brixen
  • Natural ice rink near the Kneipp facilities in Vahrn
  • Natural ice rink Petschied in Lüsen
  • Natural ice rink in Franzensfeste

Around Klausen

  • Ice rink in Klausen
  • Ice rinks in Barbian and Kollmann
  • Ice rink in Lajen
  • Villnöss: ice rinks in St. Peter and Teis

Gitschberg-Jochtal holiday region

  • Natural ice rink at the valley station in Vals
  • Ice rink in Spinges
  • Natural ice rink in Vintl
  • Natural ice rinks in Weitental and Pfunders
  • Natural ice rink in Meransen
  • Natural ice rink Troggraben in Vill/Rodeneck

Ice rinks in Eggental:

  • Ice rink in Welschnofen
  • Ice rink in Deutschnofen
  • Ice rink in Steinegg

Ice rinks in Bozen & environs:

  • Ice rink in Klobenstein on Ritten
  • Ice rink in Jenesien
  • Ice rink Labnes in Sarnthein/Sarntal
  • Ice rink Brantenbach in Leifers

Ice rinks in Southern South Tyrol:

  • Ice rink Schwarzenbach in Auer
  • Ice rink in Terlan

Ice rinks in Meran and environs:

  • Ice rink Thermenplatz Square in Meran
  • Ice rink Gaulschlucht in Lana
  • Ice rink in Dorf Tirol
  • Ice rink in Schenna
  • Natural ice rink Unser Frau, Schnals

Ice rinks in Passeiertal:

  • Ice rink in St. Martin in Passeier
  • Natural ice rink in Pfelders

Ice rinks in Ultental:

  • Ice rink in Kuppelwies

Ice rinks in Vinschgau:

  • Ice rink Trattla in Martell
  • Ice rink in Prad am Stilfserjoch
  • Natural ice rink at Tarscher Bühel in Mals
  • Natural ice rink in Schluderns

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Speed skating
Speed skating

In several villages in South Tyrol, there are speed skating tracks that are frequently used for trainings by professional athletes.

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