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Klobenstein - holidays on Ritten

The Ritten, in the area of Bozen and environs, is a true natural paradise and offers a lot of hiking tour for your holiday all year around! The main village of Ritten is Klobenstein at 1,154 meters above sea level and of just over 1,400 inhabitants.

The best way to explore Klobenstein  and its surroundings is by bike or on foot! Klobenstein is a very popular holiday destination even with the inhabitants of Bozen, who take refuge here to find some peace and contact with nature. In Klobenstein, tourism has very ancient roots, and also boasts famous guests such as Sigmund Freud, who wrote here the famous work "Totem and Taboo" in the summer of 1911. At this famous character in Klobenstein was also a dedicated path!

Sport and culture

One of the sports that characterize Klobenstein, in addition to hiking and skiing on the plateau of the Ritten, is without doubt the ice skating. On the speed  track, Ice Rink Ritten, there are held international competitions. The "Arena Ritten" is the stadium of one of the best hockey teams in the Alps.

For those who are not interested in sport and who have a more intellectual and cultural vein, we recommend a visit to the beautiful St. Anthony church, in the centre of the village, dating back to 1672-73. The nearby cosmopolitan city of Bozen has much to offer: museums, historic buildings, exhibitions and much more!

If you love traditions, you should absolutely see the famous Ritten railway passing by Klobenstein, with 6.5 km long track leading up to Maria Himmelfahrt, crossing, aboard an old train town, woods and meadows in a truly fabulous landscape.

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