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Adventure holidays in Leifers

Leifers in southern South Tyrol is the right place for discoverers and adventurers: They can explore the wonderful lake Kalterer See, the endless fruit orchards and vineyards and language, which is difficult to understand also for another South Tyrolean.

Leifers and the neighbouring villages Branzoll and Pfatten are only a few kilometres away from each other. You can explore the vicinity for example doing a pleasant bike tour, where you can collect many new impressions and experience the particular southern flair of Leifers.

You would probably like to know why the inhabitants of Leifers are difficult to understand: because their special dialect is really a mixture of Italian and German expressions, including very particular combinations of words. But don’t worry. In general there are no greater communication problems, because the inhabitants of Leifers are very nice and hospitable people.

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