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Oberbozen - above the city of Bozen

Just above the city of Bozen, in the municipality of Ritten, lies the village of Oberbozen at 1,221 meters high. Oberbozen was known as a holiday resort already at the start of 1900, perhaps because from here you can enjoy a unique landscape, ranging from the glaciers of the Central Alps until the Dolomites.

To reach Oberbozen you can use a modern cable car that connects the center of Bozen, the capital of South Tyrol with Oberbozen. Even in the past Oberbozen was connected to Bozen with a rack railway, replaced in 1966 by cable car.

Since 1600 the lords of Bozen used to do their vacation here, and that is why there are still today home of some of the most prominent families of the city such as Menz, the Walther von Herbstenburg, the counts of Toggenburg, the Amon or Hepperger.

Do not miss

If you find yourself walking through the streets of Oberbozen, you should stop to observe the thirteenth century Church of San Giorgio and San Giacomo, in the apse you can admire beautiful frescoes. Other things you should not miss are the Land of the Pyramids in the Valley of Rio Rivellone and Wolfsgrubner Alpine Museum, which is housed in the farm Plattener, over 500 years old. Inside you can find out all the Alps and their natural habitat and you can follow a trail dedicated to "the meaning of the bees."

Hikers will certainly get satisfied between the paths that wind through woods and pastures, and lead to beautiful lakes, alpine huts and refuges. The next plateau of Ritten is a paradise for lovers of nature walks.

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