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Family holidays in Pfatten

Today the whole family goes swimming in Lake Kaltern – tomorrow is the perfect day for a sightseeing and shopping trip in the nearby provincial capital Bozen.

And the day after tomorrow a discovery tour through the vineyards and fruit orchards of Southern South Tyrol by bike. In Pfatten, anything is possible!

Up to now, life in the nice small village on the eastern shore of the popular Lake Kaltern was quite calm. This may change if the location becomes knows as pleasant holiday resort.

In Pfatten, every season provides action and variety. You can explore the wonderful landscape on foot, by bike or motorbike, spend a sunny day by the lake or go on an excursion in and around the area, for example to the ruin of the Leuchtenburg Castle.

Safety Park Pfatten

Generally, for car-drivers there is valid the motto “learning by doing”. More economic, but first of all less dangerous is this learning, if you can taste some manoeuvres in a safeguarded way and with the aid of professional guides. For that purpose, the Safety Park in Pfatten is an ideal place.

The nationwide unique safe driving centre was built some years ago only a few minutes from South Tyrol’s provincial capital Bozen. The areal is about 16 hectares large and there are different training roads, where greenhorns with driving license and pros can test and improve their driving skills.

This way you can learn how to appraise dangers, to be quick off the mark in critical situations and to avoid scratches, dents or crashes in the ordinary road traffic. Furthermore, a go-kart road with rental and an off-road area ensure driving pleasure.

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