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3-star hotels in South Tyrol

If you don’t have or do not want to spend a huge budget for your holiday, without having to forego any comforts, a three-star hotel in South Tyrol may be just the right place for you. Here you will not miss a thing, which belongs to wonderful holidays and that at reasonable prices!

It is all about quality in South Tyrol and so it is also in the hotel sector. The criteria for being a 3-star hotel are ranging from a phone in each room, internet access and a laundry service, to a 24-hour availability of the reception.

In a 3-star hotel in South Tyrol these conditions are a matter of course and just a minimum of available services. Many accommodation structures in this class offer swimming pools, spas, free usage of sports equipment and much more – all additional services, which confirm the estimated quality of South Tyrolean hotels.

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