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“Waalwege” – hiking around Meran

The popular spa town Meran is surrounded by a dense network of old irrigation channels. Partly, they are still used to provide water for the dry fields and gardens.

Especially in spring time you can make wonderful hiking tours along these irrigation channels. In German, they are called “Waale” and the paths that flank them are the so called “Waalwege”. These paths were indispensable for the maintenance of the channels.

In Meran and environs there are more than fifty of these special hiking and walking pats. Not to forget about the culinary aspect, because along these ways you will find many nice inns and restaurants offering typical dishes of the region and seasonal specialities.

Two “Waalwege” are close to Meran: the ones of Algund and Marling. The first one is a 5 kilometres long path that crosses the slopes just above the village Algund. The path of Marling instead winds from Töll to Lana passing through the villages Tscherms and Marling. Probably it is one of the most scenic routes, including splendid views to the city. The route is 13 kilometres long, flat and almost sunny.

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