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Nature park house Schlern-Rosengarten

To give children an understanding of nature, it is not enough to walk silently through country sides.

Children want to hear stories about their surroundings, the want to touch and feel nature and they want to hear answers appropriate for children to their questions.

The Nature Park House Schlern-Rosengarten in Weißlahnbad in Tiers in the Dolomites gives such appropriate answers. Parents and kids get to know everything about the surrounding nature, the life in former times and how an original Venice frame saw works, during their family-holidays in South Tyrol.

Every day at 11 am, at 3 pm and at 4.30 pm the Venetian saw starts running. The kids enjoy the clattering and the snuffling of this "ancient" machine. Open for visits are also the living spaces of the former saw master, which today accommodates the exhibition about the Nature Park and about nature studies. The flora and fauna of Schlern area are important issues displayed on boards and multi-media-installations. A film cabin shows interesting themes about Schlern Rosengarten Nature Park too. One part is dedicated to the park’s geology.

Guided tours for groups and school classes are available upon inscription. Entry is free.

Further information:

Phone: +39 0471 642 196 (summer months)
Phone: +39 0471 417 770 (winter months)

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