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Museum Gherdëina

The Museum Gherdëina takes all visitors on a trip across the exciting history of nature and culture in Gröden. The trip goes from the evolution of the Dolomites to the first human traces on South Tyrolean soil to the development of the local woodcarving tradition as well as to the estate of Luis Trenker.

In 1960 already, the traditional Museum Gherdëina was opened in the centre of St. Ulrich in Gröden. Until today, it has been expanded twice in order to offer enough space for all the collections.

The collections include the fields of geology, palaeontology, mineralogy, Alpine fauna and flora, archaeology, ethnography, arts and craft, sculpture and painting. Since 2004, the museum also takes care of the estate of alpinist and film producer Luis Trenker from St. Ulrich.

Fossils, art & rarities

A main focus of the museum is the woodcarving art in Gröden. The collection displays wood carved objects of four centuries. These include sacred figures, profane folk art, representative works by artists from Gröden of the early 20th century, ancient toys made of wood as well as wood-carved Christmas cribs.

The profane folk art and the toys were once produced by the peasants as a secondary job during the long winter months. Then, they were sold by travelling traders throughout Europe.

Also, the paintings from Gröden have their own section in the museum. Here, you can see works by painters from Gröden of the 19th and 20th century.

A real gem of Museum Gherdëina is the fasting cloth of St. Jacob’s church. It dates back to the 17th century and is the only fully intact of its kind in South Tyrol.

Impressive fossils, sparkling minerals as well as archaeological finds of the Stone and Iron Age tell the history of Gröden Valley. In the section dedicated to natural science, you can learn more about the flora and fauna in the Dolomites.

In the exhibition about Luis Trenker, you will feel like at his home. Between his furniture, souvenirs, cameras, posters, screenplays, photos and mountain equipment are displayed. The extensive estate was left to the Museum Gherdëina at the request of Luis Trenker himself.

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