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Museum of Pharmacy in Brixen

In the centre of Brixen, above the old Peer pharmacy in Adlerbrückengasse Street, there is the Museum of Pharmacy: With varied exhibits, rare curiosities and wonderful architecture, it is not only a highlight for pharmacists and physicians.

Pharmacy Museum Brixen
Pharmacy Museum Brixen

Brixen Pharmacy Museum - A 400-year journey to discover medicine

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Pharmacies once & now

In the past, pharmacies impress their clients with exotic and whimsical things: For instance, coconuts, turtles or snakes were hanging from the ceilings. These objects should arouse curiosity and a sense of awe. Today, such curiosities are no more found in pharmacies but in the Museum of Pharmacy in Brixen for instance. Here, you can visit a crocodile, the head of an armadillo, a piece of an Egyptian mummy and the hoof of a moose.

The museum also amazes its visitors with information about historic pharmaceuticals: For instance, taking sugared wood louses was meant to help against fever. Exciting, what kind of things from the flora and fauna were taken for the preparation of medicines during the centuries. And still today, ingredients f exotic plants are researched on their possible healing effect in pharmacy.

Pharmacy Museum Brixen
Pharmacy Museum Brixen

Pharmacy Museum Brixen - An ancient text preserved in the pharmacy

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Pill presses & book treasures

Since 2002, the museum is accessible for visitors and shows varied exhibition pieces about the production of natural remedies: Devices, packaging and medicines display, how pharmacy has evolved and changed during the last 400 years. The museum area is 150 m² large and has 4 rooms.

The library shows books from five centuries, how various fields of natural science meet in pharmacy: Visitors browse through herb books and recipe collections, written works on physics and chemistry, in medical disquisitions and botanical books. Interesting as well is the laboratory area with distillery devices and crucibles. Until the 19th century, pharmacists had produced almost all medicines in their own laboratory.

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Audio guide & guided tour for groups

Inquisitive museum visitors can download a 40 minutes audio guide in 4 languages (German, Italian, English and French) on their smartphones. Just scan the QR code and download the free app “Hearonymus”.

There is free access to the museum for kids under 10 years as well as for owners of the Museumcard, museumobil Card and BrixenCard. Guided tours for groups of at least 10 persons are possible upon registration and outside the ordinary opening hours.

More info & opening hours:

Pharmaziemuseum Brixen
Phone: +39 0472 209112


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