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“Bunker Mooseum"

What is the result when we combine an old fortification with an exciting and modern exhibition concept? The museum “Bunker Mooseum” with exhibitions about history and nature of the valley Passeiertal.

The exceptional museum on the outskirts of Moos in Passeier was opened in 2009 and it is extraordinary in several ways: the building itself, but also its vicinity and of course its “content”.

The museum is dedicated not just to the history of origins of the bunker, but also to other themes, which are important for the region, above all history and nature.

Topics in and around the “Bunker Mooseum”:

  • The bunker: The prime object of interest is the imposing fortification itself, dating back to the 40s, covering two floors and having meters thick, bomb-proof walls. Initially, the bunker was called “opera 3 – Absperrung von Moos” (barrier of Moos) and it was one of six shelters, which were built in the valley Passeiertal during the time of fascism. But in Moos, the construction works have never been completed and the bunker has never been in service.
  • From ice age to future: This exhibition starts with the last ice age and tells the history of the region like a time travel, illustrated by many archaeological finds from every prehistoric epochs.
  • Ibex: Unofficially, the ibex is the heraldic animal of the Texel Group Nature Park. The vicinity of the museum is a large outdoor enclosure for an ibex family and with a bit of luck and patience visitors can observe these animals in the wild.
  • Climbing paradise: Around Moos in Passeier there are several climbing parks, but you can go climbing as well directly on the “Bunker Mooseum”, because there is an artificial climbing wall.

Opening hours of the “Bunker Mooseum”: 1st April - 31st October, daily except Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm (last entry at 5.30 pm).

Further information:

Bunker Mooseum – Association MuseumHinterPasseier
Phone: +39 0473 64 85 29