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The secret of the snow

We will reveal the secret of the perfectly groomed slopes in the skiing regions in South Tyrol and look over the shoulder of professional snowmen.

In the area of the skiing area Dolomiti Superski – purportedly – there are 80 sunny days out of 100. You can easily calculate, that the snow which is falling in the remaining time, isn’t enough for the whole winter-season. However, the ski resorts in the Dolomites are open till April and the slopes are world-famous for their quality.

Real snow produced by snow cannons

That the snow on the slopes is always okay, is because of the tireless work of the “snow-makers”. Wherever it is necessary and when the temperatures are low enough, they artificially produce snow. But calling the produced snow artificial is wrong. The snow from the snow-gun is not at all artificial but real: the snow from the snow-gun is made up frozen water as the real snow, too. In the snow-gun the water becomes atomized and blew in the cold air. When the drops fall, they become snow-crystals and fall down as real snow. In the area of Dolomiti Superski 90 % of the 1,200 km of slopes is covered with artificial snow.

Snow cats are working in the dark

Every evening 300 snow cats march out and steam roll the snow coming from heaven and coming from the machine. That ensures that the surface remains smooth and slip-proof providing best conditions for skiers and boarders. The prepared snow cover is also considerably more resistant against sudden soil warming.

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