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King Ortler

Trekking in the Vinschgau is highly linked to the area of Sulden and to the big mountain of the Ortler, the highest of South Tyrol with its 3,905 meter hight. The King Ortler, so called by tourists, has eventually come to life only about 100 years ago...

In the past Sulden, situated behind the big mountain, has lived quite in a forced isolation. It had no contact with the close valleys, since the only way to get there was a long rocky path. By the people of Meran, Sulden was therefore called “Little Siberia” and many tales about wolfes and bears living there were told around.

Things started to change in 1863 with the arrival of the priest Johann Eller, who started to build new structures. Before that the only buildings in Sulden were a little church, the priest´s house and a farm. Eller though built a bigger church, the first hotel and between 1890 and 1892 the street which finally connected Sulden to the rest of the world.

After Eller, there was another person helping the growth of this wonderful lost place. It was a tourism pioneer from Vienna, Theodor Christommannos who gave birth to the Grand Hotel and brought electric current, making this way of Sulden definitely a place to be for turists.

Since then, things have only gotten better. Today, Sulden is one of the most loved places in South Tyrol because of its natural beauty and of course the presence of the King Ortler, paradise of trekking lovers.

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