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Schnapps & liqueurs from South Tyrol

In addition to the tradition of wine in the South Tyrol was also another tradition: that of grappa and distillates! After dinner, in traditional farm taverns, on a wonderful summit or just good company this drink is just perfect.

In South Tyrol, producers distil delicious and high-quality schnapps made of pears, apples, apricots, cherries and many other fruits. At international awards such as the “Destillata” award in Vienna, these products from South Tyrol continue to be awarded.

Besides spirits that are typical for the region like apricot brandy, plum brandy and pear brandy, extraordinary creations such as apple-rose hip or juniper are included in the range of the South Tyrolean distilleries too. Also, different grappas – or “Treber” as they are called here – and liqueurs are produced in South Tyrol. The Psenner Distillery, has become one of the biggest producers of pear brandy in Europe and at the same time number 1 in Italy with its original idea of Williams pear brandy famous for the pear in the bottle.

The South Tyrolean farm distilleries stand for the highest quality and large product diversity too. The association has members from all regions in South Tyrol. Their handcrafted distillates are characterised by individuality and purity, produced in small stills.

Some well-known distilleries in South Tyrol

  • Ausserloretz | Laas
  • Wezl | Riffian
  • Unterthurner | Marling
  • St. Urban | Girlan
  • Psenner | Tramin
  • Roner | Tramin
  • Alfons Walcher | Frangart/Eppan
  • Ortler | Eppan
  • Zu Plun | St. Valentin/Seis am Schlern
  • Knöspele – Martin Rastner | Brixen

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