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Schnapps & Liqueurs

In addition to the tradition of wine in the South Tyrol was also another tradition: that of grappa and distillates!

Distillates fruit, less alcoholic than grappa, have with women a great success. The South Tyrolean grappa is ideal as a digestive and to spend pleasant evenings in the company!

Since the past grappa and distillates were produced by farmers. The best known distilled fruit is the Obstler, obtained from the good apples, pears, apricots, cherries and plums premises. The Obstler come to a gradation of 35-45 degrees.

The Birnenbrand is a distillate that is derived only from pears, the most famous is the so-called Williams obtained by the homonymous pears. In South Tyrol, there are now five renowned distilleries, including Psenner and Roner of Tramin and Walcher of Eppan.

All schnapps and liqueurs produced in South Tyrol, used for distilling only local pomace! Thiwink that to get 9-12 litres of grappa need 100 kg of fresh pomace.