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Burkhardklamm gorge in Maiern

A really special natural monument can be found at the end of Ridnaun Valley: the narrow Burkhardklamm gorge with wonderful waterfalls.

From the museum area in Maiern near Ridnaun, you can reach the worth-seeing gorge on foot in about 45 minutes. The path is an old trail, leading also along the popular refuges “Grohmann”, “Teplitz”, “Becher” and “Müller” and that is frequented by hikers mainly in summer.

Already at the turn of the century, there was the so-called “carrier path” across Burkhardklamm gorge at Fernbach river that was used until World War Two. Historical records describe the trail’s building process. The path was inaugurated in 1899.

Rediscovery of Burkhardklamm gorge

Over a long time, the carrier path has fallen into oblivion as the activity of carrying itself. In fact, the path through Burkhardklamm gorge was not used and maintained anymore.

The tourist association of Ratschings has finally built an educational hiking trail, following the old trail in different sections. The path surprises with impressive views of the mountain world and lead over bridges and beautiful waterfalls.