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Educational sources trail in Prags

Following the tracks of water: Discover the sources in Prags Valley!

Water is the most importance resource on Earth. The educational trail in Prags displays, where potable water in South Tyrol comes from, how it is collected and how it forms rivers and streams.

The route in the heart of Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park takes about half an hour. It starts in Maite, not far from Prags. Along the way the illustrative billboards provide useful information on the theme of water. The water in South Tyrol is a good thing that certainly is not lacking, 60 % of drinking water comes from the sources. The fact that water is so abundant here, should not lead to waste it.

The natural trail, in addition to offering a pleasant stroll along the beautiful nature of Lake Prags offers excellent insights and useful information about the subject. A walk on the path of sources in Prags is an excellent opportunity for the whole family. And after the walk you have to enjoy the beauties of South Tyrol.