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Prags: holidays in pure nature

If you come to the valley in eastern South Tyrol called Prags for the first time, maybe on a pleasant warm summer day, you will instantly fall in love with this beautiful place - surrounded by picturesque villages, lush and green mountain pastures and snow-capped Dolomite peaks.

Absolutely worth seeing sites: for example the meadowland Plätzwiese or the Lake Prags, said to be the deepest lake in the Alps. It is situated below the mighty Mount Seekofel, which is nearly 3,000 m high and its rock face is so close to the lakefront, giving the impression that it is springing into the lake itself. In On the other side of the lake, there is the historical and traditional Hotel Pragser Wildsee, which is almost 100 years old.

The districts of the valley, the lake and the surrounding pastures and mountains are part of the nature park Fanes-Sennes-Prags. In summer, the protected zone in the middle of the Dolomites offers many hiking and climbing possibilities. In winter, however, it is a perfect terrain for snowshoe hiking or cross-country skiing.

In any case, Prags guarantees holidays with unforgettable experiences of nature.

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