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Mt. Rotegg

With 3,337 m Mount Rotegg is the highest mountain throughout the nature park Texelgruppe.

Despite his magnitude, Mount Rotegg hasn’t a glacier. Nevertheless, the ascent to Mount Rotegg should not be sneezed at: after all there are 2,387 altimeters to bridge.

Therefore we recommend to mountaineers to spend the night in the Lodnerhütte Refuge. So you are fit for the next day and for the 1,075 m difference in altitude.

Tour description:

Starting point is Partschins near Meran in South Tyrol. Drive to the last parking places near Gasthaus Birkenwald. There begins path 8. Follow it to Nasserreith Refuge and finally to Lodnerhütte Refuge at 2,259 m above sea level (4 hours from Ratschings). Stay here overnight.

The next day you can conquer Mount Rotegg. Follow path 9 in direction of Rotegg: at first you will cross meadows than rocky passages with some climbing parts. Arrived at the ridge, you will reach soon and easily the peak of Mount Rotegg (3,5 hours from Lodnerhütte Refuge).

The way back is the same as the ascent. You will need about 5,5 hours to get back to Partschins.

Details of the tour:

  • Length: 13 hours in total
  • Altimeters: 2387 m all in all
  • Difficulty: medium difficult, you need a good stamina
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