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Tractor Museum Kuens

In Kuens in the area of Meran and environs, there are many things to see and do, among many possibilities, we recommend to lovers of vintage tractors, a visit to the Museum of the Tractor.

The Museum is located at the Gasthaus Ungherichthof in Kuens and houses 30 Porsche diesel tractor, including 4 very special models. All tractors have been restored and are kept in perfect condition and still in operation. In addition to tractors Porsche is possible to see other brands of tractors.

The oldest tractor in the collection is an old "Balilla" of 1929, a true relic of the history of the engines.

Children who live here, who have the good fortune to live in the countryside and learn about rural life, are fascinating and stand for hours watching these machines unique! Why not make your kids happy too, whether they are already fans of tractors and even if they have never had a chance to see one live and even to stand on it!

Not only children, but the great fans of agricultural engines, remain fascinating by this rich extravagant collection!

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