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Loden Museum in Vintl

If you would like to see with your own eyes how does a loden coat is manufactured, the Loden Museum in Vintl at the valley entrance of Pustertal will be exactly the right place for you. Here you can learn more about these warming clothes and about this typical alpine material, which is made from thick sheep’s wool and which is highly esteemed because of its qualities.

Originally, the often green, brown or grey cloth similar to felt was produced by South Tyrolean mountain farmers, in order to sew warm clothing for the winter. The material was very durable and comparatively cheap. Finally, Franz Joseph I of Austria and his entourage got a taste for loden and made it socially acceptable for all social classes.

Till today the high quality and protective loden hasn’t lost its popularity. Quite the reverse, it is still used for many traditional costumes, winter and hunting clothes. The interactive museum in Vintl is dedicated to the history of loden, the single phases of its production and its use. It is a special world of experience that provides visitors an interesting insight into the production of textiles.

From the sheep to the coat

The beginning is marked by sheep, which were kept in former times by many farmers. Children especially like the cosy specimens, which can be seen in the open-air enclosure of the Loden Museum in Vintl. In the museum there is explained in detail the whole work routine – from shearing the sheep to tumbling, combing and spinning wool. Furthermore, there is illustrated the transition from former handiwork to today’s machines.

So, a stopover in Vintl in Eisacktal is always recommendable – above all if you are accompanied by little discoverers. In the Loden Museum young and old have the possibility to attend a guided tour. And afterwards you can get yourself a precious garment made of loden in the store of Oberrauch Zitt next-door. 

Opening hours of the Loden Museum

  • Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5.30 pm
  • in July and August to 6.30 pm

Further information

Loden Museum
Pustertalerstraße 1 – I-39030 Vintl
Phone: +39 0472 868 540