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Ski gymnastics and exercises

Whether you do skiing or snowboarding: before you go on the slopes you should do some workouts to increase your muscle strength.

These special exercises help exactly there where you need it most. When you take a closer look at pro- skiers you can immediately see that they maintain body posture is “semi-seated”, midway between sitting down and standing straight: a position which needs a lot of muscle strength mostly in the legs, abs and back.

Get ready for your ski holidays in South Tyrol doing workouts 2-3 times a week with the following exercises:

  • Squat with front sweep
  • Pushups/side planks
  • Lunge on the ball
  • Deadlifts with row
  • Side to side lunge
  • One-legged balance with triceps kickback
  • Ski jumps
  • Seated row
  • Back extension
  • Ball roll-out
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