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“Waalwege” – hiking in Vinschgau

The so called “Waale” are a kind of ancient irrigation systems for the dry earth in Vinschgau, which normally has quite little rainfall.

The water for the fields here is often channelled through stone or wooden channels and along these channels you will find some pleasant hiking and walking paths. Originally, they were built in order to maintain the irrigation channels.

The small routes, which often are suitable for the whole family, partly proceed for several kilometres, offering extraordinary hiking and walking tours. They are ideal places for nature lovers and epicures, because they include not just wonderful insights in a unique landscape, but also many nice inns and restaurants, providing hearty snacks and local specialities.

The most popular paths of this kind in Vinschgau are those in Schluderns and in Glurns. The “Waalweg” in Schluderns starts next to the farms Gschneire and leads to the farms of Grein, leading through a distance of about 8 kilometres. The other one of Glurns is about 10 kilometres long and the tour starts next to the church of St. Martin, following the path number 23. 

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