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Vineyards & wineries

In 52 of the 119 municipalities of South Tyrol is practiced traditionally viticulture.

The vineyards of South Tyrol is a colorful mosaic composed of 5,000 farms, in which work with seriousness and dedication more than 10,000 people. Sixteen wineries producers, about 40 estates and private cellars and a large number of winemakers and farms are trying very hard (and with much success) to get the most out of the capital entrusted to them.

At this should be added the producers of sparkling wine, from grapes Pinot blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot noir, following the usual process of fermentation in the bottle get the excellent sparkling wine in South Tyrol. In South Tyrol you can count, even in the case of wine, on genuine products.

The famous wine road leading through a real discovery journey of vineyards, grapes and wines of the area as Gewürztraminer, Teroldego, Vernatsch, Lagrein, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay. Those who love wine may decide to spend a vacation to discover the many wineries in the area and all wine proceeding.

Many farms and are pleased to welcome in their homes, with the warmth that marks the farmers of these areas. Comfortable rooms are waiting for you to spend a relaxing stay tasting good wines.

South Tyrol's best wineries

Some of the most famous wineries, awarded by Gault Millau: 

  • Winery Bozen
  • Winery Dipoli Peter in Neumarkt
  • Winery Falkenstein in Naturns
  • Winery Gottardi Bruno in Neumarkt
  • Winery Haas Franz in Montan
  • Winery Hofstätter in Tramin
  • Winery Kaltern in Kaltern
  • Winery Köfererhof in Vahrn
  • Winery Kuenhof in Brixen
  • Winery Unterganzner in Kardaun
  • Winery Magreid Entiklar in Nals
  • Winery Neustift in Neustift
  • Winery Niedrist Ignaz in Girlan
  • Winery Niklaserhof in Kaltern
  • Winery St. Michael /Eppan in Eppan
  • Winery Schreckbichl in Eppan
  • Winery Terlan in Terlan
  • Winery Tiefenbrunner in Kurtatsch
  • Winery Tramin in Tramin
  • Winery Elena Walch in Tramin

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